What is Mead?

Simply put, mead is wine made from honey.

If you like honey, you’ll love mead.

While mead is one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverage categories in the United States, mead is actually the first recorded alcoholic beverage in history. 

What wine lovers savored centuries ago, we are now rediscovering today.  Mead has a deep connection to both history and culture. First savored by the ancient Greeks as far back as 3000 B.C., the history of Mead is as sweet and diverse as it’s flavors. 

Mead is a delightful mixture of fermented honey, water and yeast. 

All good products begin with authentic ingredients and a scientific process.  It’s a flavorful blending of art and science.  Our mead is no different.

Mead is our passion.  Mead is our business.

Our meadery has been distinctly engineered, from the ground up, to exclusively produce the best flavors of mead available in the market today.  In fact, our mead is the only mead you’ll find on the shelf created 100% with ingredients from South Dakota, by South Dakotans, for all wine lovers. 

Our honey comes exclusively from South Dakota.  We wouldn’t have it any other way and it creates an authentic and local flavor.  After fermentation, under perfectly controlled conditions in our state of the art meadery, the result is luscious honey wine. 

Honey wine comes in a vast array of flavors from bone dry to extra sweet, and everything in between.  It’s typically higher in alcohol content than beer and closely aligned with grape wine, between 8.5 and 13 percent ABV. 

The next time you’re looking to enjoy a sweet, delightful drink at your local bar or restaurant, ask for honey wine (mead), we think you’ll find your next favorite drink!